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Man In Black Face Insults Kim K

kim k

Here we were under the impression that once you got engaged, or involved in a serious relationship for that matter, that all of the outside dating stopped. That is, unless you’re Kim Kadashian, who is engaged to Kanye West, but went to the Vienna Ball as Austrian businessman Richard Lugner’s “guest” for $500,000…of course.

All was good until Kim, who looked mighty stunning, was heckled by a man in black face acting like Kanye West. the rude man allegedly asked her to dance, which she declined. In attempt to persuade her, he asked if she’d be in the mood to cut a rug if he requested the orchestra play “N****rs in Vienna.”

To make matters worse, Kim allegedly told people Lugner (who’s known to fork over hefty prices to be courted by starlets) was aggressive with her  and often tried to get her alone. Kim left the soiree early. Lugner bashed Kim in an interview, saying: “Kim is annoying me.”

Two lessons learned: Lugner and the Black face man are creeps and deserve to punched in the balls. That aside, Kim here’s a lesson: stop selling yourself.

The End.

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