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Kerry Washington Opens Up About Pregnancy

Kerry Washington has always been very private about her personal life (remember her secret marriage to Nnamdi Asomugha) but, in a rare moment of vulnerability, the “Scandal” star opened up about her pregnancy and upbringing to Jimmy Kimmel.

Kerry gushed over all the good and fatty food she’s able to eat now that she’s pregnant but keeps it healthy because they’re still shooting this season of “Scandal.”

Did you know Kerry’s mom didn’t want her to become an actress? “My mother cried,” she revealed. Like most parents, Kerry’s mother wanted her to become a doctor or a lawyer but when Kerry proved that her acting skills could pay for things (ie: college), she was more accepting of Kerry’s career choice.

Kerry had landed a theater scholarship that she says opened her eyes to roles like the time she had to pay a frog in the play “Croak: The Last Frog.”

That’s dedication.

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