Injuries Appear To Be Life Threatening. CLICK HERE for story.

Reports Are That Jenner Was Not Injured. CLICK HERE for story.

Well black folks I knew that justice would someday come! Reparations were “accidentally”  approved in Dallas County after John Wiley took the poteum to exclaim how “America is at fault for years of suffering and pain” for African-Americans in, in a nut shell. City council must have not been listening because when Mr. Wiley finished, everyone […]

According to TMZ , the trucker who caused the fatal car crash that left Tracy Morgan in critical condition says he was not high on drugs or drunk when he…

Prayers up to comedian Tracy Morgan, star of such TV shows as 30 Rock & SNL. Early Saturday morning after leaving a concert, Tracys Limo-Bus was rear-ended by a semi which in turn caused the vehicle to flip over. As of now Tracy is at the hospital in critical condition. Everybody please take tiem out […]