Cincinnati our hearts are very sad today, we lost an Icon in the baseball world. Today we mourn the lost of Chuck Harmon, the Cincinnati Reds’ first African American player. Let us pray for his family and friends. (WLWT)

Today is a sad day in Cincinnati, we have lost a great leader Captain Kimberly Williams passed due to the battle with Cancer… Kimberly Williams was the first African-American woman promoted to the rank of captain, in 2016, and the second one promoted to lieutenant. She was 54 years old. (FOX19)  

One 4-year-old boy recently proved that all the world really needs is love and acceptance. According to ABC, Jax Rosebush pleaded with his mother to have his haircut to match best friend, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, hoping their teacher would no longer be able to tell them apart. Jax […]

Charles Barkley has never been one too afraid to speak his mind, and in a recent interview he spoke on the Seattle Seahawk Russel Wilson situation and how it’s believed that he was getting into altercations with teammates because he wasn’t “black enough”. FOR THE FULL STORY & WHAT CHARLES BARKLEY SAID CLICK HERE

Is race becoming a thing of the past? Are we belittling ourselves with labels of color? this famous folk believe so…. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST

The Grand Jury for the John Crawford case began reviewing evidence in court of the fatal police shooting of an innocent UNARMED African American. While they were doing that protesters gathered and marched from the Wal-Mart where the shooting happened to the courthouse to show their support for the young man. FOR THE FULL STORY […]

So a recent study shows that the average African american family prefers to discipline their children by spankings… Are we you surprised…? CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

Earlier today Mahogany’s owner Liz Rogers held a press conference at which she told the public that no Mahogany’s isn’t closing down, we’re just moving! I’ll be talking to Liz Rogers live on air today 9/9/14 during my show so tune in at 330 to hear what else she has to say about the situation.

The Ferguson, MO. police department has finally identified the shooting officer in the death of Mike Brown, as six year vet Darren Wilson. For More On This Story VISIT HERE!!!

President Obama spoke from Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., as he took time out to speak on the recent shooting of an innocent black teen. For MORE ON THIS STORY CLICK HERE

Well black folks I knew that justice would someday come! Reparations were “accidentally”  approved in Dallas County after John Wiley took the poteum to exclaim how “America is at fault for years of suffering and pain” for African-Americans in, in a nut shell. City council must have not been listening because when Mr. Wiley finished, everyone […]