Olympian, Tyson Gay whose daughter was shot and killed by a stray bullet offered a heartfelt speech to his community. His daughter, Trinity Gay who would’ve turned 16yrs old this December passed away Sunday due to gun violence. She was not the intended target and three men have been arrested in connection to the shooting. Friends […]

Where there’s smoke there’s fire! So what we lost Sunday’s game. It’s not the first time and certainly won’t be the last… The scoreboard looked pathetic as the home team struggled to gain points.  Finally late in the 3rd quarter the Bengals began to make a comeback, yet it just wasn’t enough. We fell short […]

Michel’le gives the tea to Wendy Williams on the debut of her Lifetime biopic, “Surviving Compton!” Wendy Williams doesn’t have to dig too deep for the truth about the R&B Diva when it came to Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. Michel’le has been extremely candid about the abuse she endured while in a relationship with […]

Who didn’t love the tall dark and ever so debonair, Tommy from the beloved sitcom Martin. It really didn’t matter whether or not he had a job he was always on point when offering advice to his best friends. As HelloBeautiful previously reported, Tommy Ford died on October 12 of a ruptured aneurysm. He was only […]

Anthony Hamilton and the “Hamiltones” have done it again! The fellas sweet melodies have made a joyful noise in response to Trump’s leaked audio. If you haven’t heard the audio its quite vulgar! While Trump claims it was recorded over a decade ago and it was simply locked room talk. SMH! Hear it for yourself by […]

The Cincinnati Police Department need your help! Last night an elderly woman walking downtown was the victim of a hit and run accident. According to WLWT.com as “Irene Swain” crossed the street on Central Ave and 9th she was struck and left bleeding and bruised when EMT’s arrived. Not only is the driver of that […]

Kevin Hart is on a role these days! The funny man just celebrated with his blended family at the revealing of his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. His new stand up concert film, “What Now” hits theaters this weekend. He made a pit stop by NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The fellas have had […]

R. Kelly has had his share of problems. A lots been said and seen (via video) about him which we should probably leave in the past… On a positive note Kels has had more than a few success stories too thanks to his Music teacher. Back in high school he sang but he also shared […]

The infamous elevator showdown between Solonge and Jay Z initially had us all confused and wondering what could Jigga have done to deserve it. But as more stories came out as to the reason she unleashed the beast there was little to no sympathy. By the way, cheating was believed to have been the reason! […]

If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a video worth? In this particular case whereas a woman, the lone caretaker of a 4yr old Kentucky boy speaks for itself. Let’s just hope its enough evidence to place her behind bars and away from children for a very long time. #PrayersUp for […]

We’ve heard of this type of thing happening. Persons claiming to have a deadly disease, creating a GoFundMe account and getting over. Sadly a few fell for an Indiana woman’s lies and actually gave her money to assist her with treatment, bills, etc. Apparently the police found that Santana Banta was not ill at all […]

Round of applause to Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks and Empire’s Gabourey Sidibe! Everyone knows social media can imitate the devil! These voluptuous woman did the unthinkable as they took on trolls who shared rude posts regarding their size. Have you head about the new ad campaign for Lane Bryant? They all deserve the world after […]