Our prayers are going out to those in Kentucky… As they had Tornadoes hit this weekend. Here’s what Gov. Beshear had to say: “It’s the deadliest tornado event we ever had and it’s going to be the longest and deadliest tornado event in U.S. history,” Beshear said. The damage was caused by four tornadoes that […]

  The 5 day party event planners called “Redneck Rave” ended with 14 people being arrested and 34 people criminally charged. the charges ranged from assualt and strangulation to drug and alcohol possesion. The event was held in Blue Holler Offroad Park in Edmonson Kentucky, the event was billed to feature “Mud, Music and Mayhem.” […]

One 4-year-old boy recently proved that all the world really needs is love and acceptance. According to ABC, Jax Rosebush pleaded with his mother to have his haircut to match best friend, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, hoping their teacher would no longer be able to tell them apart. Jax […]


Trump has decided to pay a $25 million settlement in the lawsuits related to Trump University.

It’s almost that time of year to hit your favorite neighborhoods in our area, not in a clown costume, to get all the Halloween candy you can!  Here is a breakdown of what days and trick or treat times are for 2016. Ohio October 22nd Bridgewater Falls Shopping Center 2:00-4:00pm Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]


As the world continues to mourn the loss of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, his loved ones are making plans to honor his legacy. According to a family spokesman, there will be memorial ceremonies held in his hometown of Kentucky on Thursday and Friday. The public memorial, which will be held on Friday, will take place […]

Kentucky voters elected the first Black woman in nearly 20 years to serve in the state legislature. The Democrat won a 3-person primary and faces no opposition in November.

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