What will the Senate do about the gun laws on Ohio? Via: (WKRC) An Ohio Senate committee will hear from Democrats and a Republican who are sponsoring legislation that includes expanding background checks for most firearm purchases and a “red flag” law designed to keep guns from people seen as a threat to themselves or […]

On Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed one of the country’s most restrictive abortion laws, which for the most part bans the practice in the state. Anti-abortion activists are optimistic that this is another step leading up to a Supreme Court challenge to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Ivey said in a statement, “To the bill’s many supporters, […]

Have you ever said to yourself, they need to change the laws when it comes to police chases? If you have your dreams just might come true. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says he wants minimum standards established for police agencies involved in pursuits. He’s asking a community advisory board to develop a new standard to […]

  It’s been a long 26 years since Ohio has changed the child support laws but it’s happening now! Ohio lawmakers have approved House Bill 366 changing the way the state’s child support payments are calculated.  This is said to allow more appropriate payments that parents have the ability to pay.  Lawmakers are hoping that […]

McCorvey, who went public with her experiences in the 1980’s, later converted to Christianity in the 1990’s and had regretted her role in the ruling.   KATY, TEXAS – Norma McCorvey, known as “Jane Roe,” the anonymous plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court case that established a constitutional right to abortion, has […]

There is a lot of speculation about legalization of marijuana in Ohio.  This is not an old issue for Ohio.  The reason it is getting so much attention around the state is because a handful of rich people are looking to profit billions from it so they put millions behind propaganda to get this issue […]