Home girl channeled her inner Beyonce and shut that Trump Supporter down. The Democratic strategist and cable news pundit is back again and holding no punches. Watch as Angela Rye read these men about requesting President Obama’s transcripts and citizenship…  

  “Southside With You” is an Indie Film Executive Produced by John Legend about Barack & Michelle’s FIRST DATE. It’s a True LOVE Story you don’t want to miss! Watch the trailer below!  

This is a piece of our melting pot history in the United States that you don’t hear about often. While much Celebration surrounded the election of our First Black President Barack Obama,  it was also acknowledged that Michelle was the First Black First Lady.But apparently this is NOT TRUE! Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has African American Ancestry! […]

While announcing his executive actions on gun control in a Tuesday news conference, President Obama made an emotional plea for an overhaul of current gun control measures, at one point shedding tears as he discussed the deaths of children who were slain in shootings across America. Invoking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the president said the country needs to possess […]

Some of the residents in Roseburg, Oregon, which is still reeling from the tragic mass shooting recently, don’t want President Obama to come to their town. David Jaques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, was speaking with Bill O’Reilly when he said that the president should not come to Roseburg, because there were fears that he would “grandstand for political purposes.” The […]

Tearful Moment Next To Pope Turns Into Resignation Today For Speaker Of The House And West Chester Resident John Boehner. CLICK HERE for story.

In the video below, President Obama meets federal prison inmates for the first time. The full episode from Vice & HBO called “FIXING THE SYSTEM”,…

Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving, Texas student who was detained after teachers mistook his homemade clock for a bomb, has received support from all over the…

George Zimmerman’s mouth is at it again, he is now speaking out against President Obama, Again! Click Here to get the scoop

He might be the leader of the free world, but he's also the dad of two teenage daughters, and quality time is needed!

Delivers Eulogy And Rousing Rendition Of Amazing Grace At Funeral Today. CLICK HERE for story & video.