The big question is even though he’s now an eligible free agent in the NFL, will a team even sign him. If so, WHO? FOR FULL STORY HERE

Man oh man these domestic violence/ child abuse cases just keep becoming crazier and crazier. Now Rihanna is lashing out at CBS for pulling her song at the season opener featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. To See What Rihanna Tweeted to CBS Click Here

Situations like this one may be eye openers, and entertainment for us but the question is it any of this really any of our business? Ray’s wife Janay doesn’t think so. She took to instagram to let us know exactly how she felt about her, and her family’s’ business being put all out in the open.

Wow never saw a team move this fast. Immediately after video footage of Baltimore Raven Ray Rice leaked the team was hit with demands to cut him from every direction, SO THEY DID ha. And after seeing the video I can’t say I feel to sorry for the brother. #WeDontPutOurHandsOnWomen FOR THE FULL STORY CLICK […]

What kind of man does this a woman?

LeBron James going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers could undo 4 years of wrong doing all in one move. I think moving back home would be the best decision of young James’ career. I might even consider being a fan again… Click Here For The Full Story At

My mother and father always said, “son; don’t play with fire, and definitely don’t set an apartment building a-blaze, trapping and killing two fighters all in the name of an insurance policy money scam.” Looks like Ray Abou-Arab’s mother didn’t lend him the same knowledge because that’s exactly what he did. Now this Toledo fool is being held on […]

From Rock to R&B, here are some of the most entertaining and heart-wrenching music-themed movies to curl up to this weekend! Enjoy! Walk The Line…