Sherri Shepherd is opening up about how she lost 20 pounds. I need to lose weight myself Fasho! via People: The Emmy winner, 53, revealed Saturday that she’s lost 20 lbs. after setting a goal to lose 15 lbs. Shepherd celebrated the latest mark on her health journey by posting a video of herself in a […]


  12/22/16- Find out what has set Sherri Shepherd off and what she fears most about raising a young black man in America.


  12/22/16- Skip Murphy and Jacque Reid are together again on Sherri Shepherd running down the hottest news headlines, but you’ve got to click the link above to hear which legendary comedian joins the TJMS this morning!  

  12/21/6- Sherri Shepherd sounds about Gabrielle and Dwyane Wade’s side/break baby and explains just how hard it is to love another woman’s child. Listen above

  12/8/16- Is Sherri Shepherd really defending a woman for making so many fake Facebook posts that she’s now facing a year in prison? Click the link above to hear her try and defend the crazy. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.


  12/8/16- Kym Whitley joins the TJMS crew on Sherri Shepherd Thursday! Find out why only the fake hair sisters are sticking together and Sybil is on the outs.


  11/3/16- What happens after a Chicago Cubs historic World Series win? Tom dumps Kym Whitley and Sybil and Sherri Shepherd call him out on it! Listen to the funny above!

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Tom Joyner Morning Show

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Sherri Shepherd is not going down without a fight. Too bad the judge in her case has the final say. In April of 2015 the courts deemed the Comedy Queen as the legal “Mother” of baby boy with ex husband, Lamar Sally. She attempted to appeal and lost that battle too. She’s been ordered to […]