Too Short has come up with a legal defense against the woman accusing him of rape — but we’re not sure it will hold water.

Short Dawg’s strategy includes using explicit text messages sent by the victim to prove she “sexually pursued him,” they were dating and there was no rape at the time. In the messages, she tells Short she loves him and calls herself his wife. In other, more explicit messages she talks about her favorite part of him and how excited she gets talking to him on the phone.

Short’s lawyers say there is no evidence to back up the claim of sexual assault and the legal action was likely filed to harass their client. They want her to back down or else they’re threatening a counter-suit.

TMZ previously reported that Short was sued for sexually assaulting the victim multiple times between June and October of 2016. At the time, he claimed the allegations were an extortion attempt, which led to her refiling and adding a defamation claim. (TMZ)

Fasho THoughts:

  • He should just be quiet and let justice be served. He’ll either be validated in the end or at least he won’t have to eat his words.
  • Sometimes when people loudly protest something it just makes them seem more guilty.
  • In the current #MeToo climate, everyone is target which inevitably means some trumped-up charges and cash grabs.
  • None of us were there, we don’t know what went down.
  • The judges should start sentencing artists to make PSAs about sexual assault.
Don Juan Fasho

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