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It’s another night of back-to-back drama as Love and Hip-Hop Miami winds down with part one of its reunion special. We start the show with Trina explaining her relationship with Bobby Lytes. They are cousins, but he’s her cousin on her father’s side, and she doesn’t really rock with that side. She also only met Bobby a few years ago so that’s why she wasn’t so gung-ho to cosign him, especially when his behavior was so extra. Bobby is still extra but he did take some accountability in rubbing Trina the wrong way. They seem to be at peace, but it’s a different story for Bobby and Trina’s assistant because they sure almost got into fisticuffs, but you know that Love and Hip-Hop security is always on ready.


Pretty Ricky is working on new music. Shay apologized to the group for her antics, and Blue got really disrespectful. Long story short, Shay’s friend Liz jumped into their discussion and Blue wasn’t feeling it so he got really hostile with her. Prince stood up for his girl, but then Nina Parker did her job by attempting to calm things down, but also putting Blue in his place about the disrespect. And then he started disrespecting her! Nina Parker held her own, but the whole thing is ridiculous. Blue realizes how stupid he looks and apologizes to her. It’s still too late though. Ew.


Next,  Malik breaks up with Jeffrey on the spot. Jeffrey claims their relationship was headed in that direction anyway, but he feels blindsided. Or perhaps this is karma because he did Bobby Lytes dirty.


Finally, we get to the meat of the season–Amara La Negra vs. Young Nahllywood Hollywood and his trash colorist views. They replay all the rude things she said to her about her complexion and hair. And if you recall, he apologized to her only to flip-flop and go running back to Veronica Vega after the latter falls out with Amara. Yup. All of that. Nina Parker asks him why he took the meeting with Amara La Negra in the first place if he knew he didn’t dig her look, and he claims it’s because they had mutual friends. But then Nahllywood Hollywood says something about Amara showing up to his house and laying on a bed. It’s a major eyebrow raise moment because he’s obviously trying to play her again, and that’s where we get left off.Amara’s response is that what he said is going to come out wrong, and that’s where we leave off.

We’ll have to wait until next week to get the full story.


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