Lil Scrappy’s life flashed before his eyes this past weekend.

The rapper and reality star got into a serious car wreck early Sunday morning after leaving the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami. Scrappy thinks that his friend Ca$ino Roulette, who was driving, fell asleep at the wheel but the police report lists Scrap as the driver. What’s undisputed is the vehicle crashed straight into a pole, instantly totaling the whip.

First responders found Scrappy and his friend outside the car on the ground when they arrived — neither man was able to give a coherent enough explanation to the cops. There were no witnesses and no citations issued. Based on the damage, police think they were likely driving too fast for road conditions.

All Scrappy remembers is waking up in a hospital bed with a broken foot that requires surgery. His buddy Casino is still in the ICU. Scrap’s mom, Momma Dee and wife Bambiare both with him while he recovers.

Scrappy expressed his gratitude to still be alive on social media, writing, #CasinoRoulette in here hurt too. We [effed] up but God saved our lives. #Godisgreat #Mercy #Grace.”

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Be careful out there. A close call like this really makes you appreciate what you have and reconsider potentially risky behaviors — or at least it should.
  • Given the late hour they were leaving and where they were coming from, there’s a good chance they were under the influence of something.
  • We can’t lose Scrap. Love and Hip-Hop needs the comic relief.
Don Juan Fasho

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