An Ohio teenager who had her phone taken away by her dad as a punishment should get used to not having it for a while — after calling 911 to report it stolen.

The 16-year-old, named Malikah, called police to report that her phone had been stolen from her Cleveland home. She told the dispatcher, “My father took property, which is an $800 phone, that does not belong to him… I just want him to return my phone and I could leave and go to my grandmother’s.”

Police were dispatched to the home and spoke with the girl’s father, who said that he’d taken away the phone as a punishment. Police left without writing any tickets, but explained to the dramatic teenager that owning a phone is a privilege. (The Smoking Gun)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • This bratty kid should never get her phone back.
  • Who of us, with teenagers, can relate to this?
  • The dad should keep her cellphone and give her a rotary phone instead.


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