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An Ohio man arrested for hiding a bag of cocaine inside his sock tried to explain it away by telling the cops that it wasn’t his sock.

20-year-old Damien Clark was pulled over for failing to signal. The officer smelled weed and saw loose marijuana on the floor of his car. He ordered Clark out of the car for a pat down and found a baggie of cocaine inside his sock.

According to the police report, Clark said, “These aren’t my socks.” The officer then found more drugs inside the vehicle, including 59 Xanax pills and $761 cash. Clark also repeatedly asked the officer to throw away the evidence and insisted someone else gave him the drugs and he was just holding onto them.

Clark is facing felony narcotics charges. (The Smoking Gun)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Just for fun, the officer should have asked some follow-up questions like, “How did someone else’s socks end up on your feet?” and “Are you wearing any other articles of clothing that belong to someone else?”
  • He must be high to think this is a nice hairstyle.
  • He should have told the cop that they aren’t his feet.
Don Juan Fasho

Source: CS / CS