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Source: Scott Clarke / ESPN Images / Scott Clarke / ESPN Images

In an interview on the red carpet during the Big Game weekend Joe Burrow was asked lots of questions. One question was about who wants to play for, and his reply was, “I’ll play for who ever wants to have me, it’s an honor to be in that discussion.” Then he was asked, “even Cincinnati?” He then said, “I’ll play anywhere, we both have processes to go through, they have theirs and I have mine, who knows what can happen.”

That wasn’t the most interesting comment, because he looks to be following in the footsteps of so many other great athletes with his first big purchase. When he was asked what would be his first purchase, he said, “a personal chef.” That seems like a smart choice considering his health is vital to this career. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope he makes it to Cincinnati.To read the full story click here