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Side Eyes

Ghost and Angela wake up together after yet another late night rendezvous. Ghost, still torn between the revelation that Angela is a fed and the fact that he still loves her, is still giving her the side eye and plans to snoop around to see if she has any info on he or Tommy. Angela goes on her morning run and “coincidentally” bumps into her ex-boyfriend, Greg. Ghost, is secretly on her trail, and immediately realizes that Greg is an FBI agent. His paranoia is on 10.

Stern the Snake

Simon Stern meets with Ghost and still kicks that BS about purchasing Truth. Ghost would still get to be the manager but he would no longer be the boss. Ghost has no choice in the situation, because if he doesn’t sell, then Stern terminates Ghost’s lease, and Ghost has to then find somewhere else to house Truth, but without the money to do so, that would be kind of difficult. So, yeah…Ghost concedes defeat for now, but tells Stern that he eventually wants to buy the club back. Stern says that if Ghost can get the club to run at 20% profit then he may get the offer to buy it back.

Kanan’s Big Reveal

Kanan stops by Ghost and Tasha’s place, and surprises them with the fact that he’s out, claiming that his early release was due to good behavior, and not snitching. Tasha and Ghost exchange glances that suggest that they don’t quite trust the situation, but neither speaks on that just yet.

Tommy stops by, and is excited that Kanan is out, and wants to get back into they way they did business back in the day. But Ghost seems reluctant to talk about business in front of Kanan, and rightfully so. By now we’ve seen enough to know that Kanan is going to be a serious problem.

Shawn Makes a Move on Tasha

If you watched season one, you remember how Tasha seduced Shawn (Kanan’s son who was raised by Ghost) by getting undressed in front of him, and pleasuring herself in front of him and basically using her womanly wiles to manipulate him into snitching on Ghost’s whereabouts, when she suspected he was cheating. Shawn finally mustered the courage to tell Tasha that he had feelings for her, but she told him that she made a mistake and that it was a misunderstanding because she was vulnerable. Shawn fell back, but seemed hurt. Hopefully, this doesn’t backfire once Kanan starts to suck Shawn more into his web of deceit.

Ghost Has a Job to do

Stern sends Ghost to Miami to get some work done for him and also as a way to passively aggressively assert his dominance over Ghost. Ghost plays the game because the end for him would be to win by getting his club back.

Angela Still on the Case Illegally

Angela catches up with Isabel, Nomar’s former girlfriend, to help her finish the sketch of “Ghost,” and runs it through the FBI database. Tommy Eghan’s name is on the list but when she asks Greg for assistance, he goes in on her for pursuing the case despite being explicitly taken off. She continues anyway on that case and on the Lobos case, of course, and realizes that her investigation will take her to Miami.

You know where this is going…

Miami is Coming

Ghost gets a text saying that the Pink Sneaker Killer is in Miami. Before the trip, he tells Tasha that he’s going strictly for business, and has no plans to see Angela (lies, of course). For an extra-added mind games bonus, Ghost even makes love to Tasha to keep her in pocket.

Our suspicions about Ghost not trusting Kanan are confirmed when, before boarding the private Jet to MIA, Ghost asks Shawn if he knew Kanan was getting out of jail early. Shawn keeps up the lie that he didn’t, and we prepare for what Miami has in store.

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