8 Phrases That Prove You’re Definitely Old School [Original]

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Source: Bilal Morris / Radio One

Have you ever heard a word or phrase and wondered what it meant?  Have you ever asked yourself, “where did that word come from?”  Here are a few of my favorite words, some of these are still used today and others definitions may surprise you.  Check em’ out.

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“Dig It” – A slang term which means, “I understand” or “understood.” It came from the 70’s and usually was in response to “Can you dig it?” which meant, “do you understand.”


“4 –Sho”– Also from the 70’s which meant “for real” or “for sure”


“Solid”– “I got it” or “agreed” but according to urban dictionary, it means “to do a favor for someone”


“Bag Your Face”– from the 80’s, which meant to “shut up” or “whatever”


“Jive Turkey”- A person that thinks they know it all


“Bangin”– “cool” or “spectacular”


“Book”– (I heard this a lot in the 90’s) it means to “leave” or “get out”


“Psyche”(SIKE)– To trick someone, as if to psyche them out


Do any of these words have a different meaning to you?  Do you have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned?  Let us know, we’d love to hear your input.  Comment below.

words by: Destiny Gordon

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