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Henry Ruggs lll who played for the Raiders was in a fatal car accident November 2 ,2021. He was driving under the influence of alcohol. He was going 157 mph before he smashed into a Toyota Truck. There was a lady named Tina Tintor in the truck along with her dog. The truck then went up in flames. A man tried to save her but the fire made it hard for him to get her out. 

At the scene someone was recording and in the video you can see Henry on the ground yelling that he is sorry. Police had arrived and Henry corroperated and went to jail. He has been hit with the charges of driving under the influence resulting in death and for reckless driving. He could be imprisoned for up to 50 years if they charge him with the death of Tina Tintor. His blood alcohol level was .161 which is way over the legal limit.

He has been released on a 150,000 bond that the judge had set. He isn’t allowed to consume alcohol while he is out on bail or drive a car. He also has to wear an ankle monitor to track where he is going. Tina’s family is holding a public memorial service for her at 12:30 p.m. People raised over 90k for Tina Tintor in a gofundme account.

Should he serve all that time?

Learn more about the story HERE.

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