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Spring is finally upon us and its time to rid ourselves of clutter as well as those boring hairstyles we used to make it through those final days of the over-extended wintery chill. Whether you are ready to come out of hibernation with a completely different style or you are looking for new ways to rock what you’ve already got, I have the look for you. Here are the Spring hair trends you need to slay 2016:


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I always loved switching up my hair color when I was younger. It was a way for me to showcase my unique outgoing personality as a part of my everyday look. But a few years ago, like most women, I fell into a hair rut and had the same old off black hair for some time. When all these vibrant and daring hair colors began to surface in 2015 I just couldn’t resist switching up my look. Now for 2016, women are taking, even more risk with their hair and trying colors you would never think you’d see on a day to day. I can not wait to throw some much-needed color in this mundane look of mine and you should too.

From neon brights to light pastels, color is shifting the average women’s look. There are so many ways you can incorporate hair color into your style. From hombre to highlights or just a few peek a boo strands, you can find a way to spice up your hairs’ color without rocking a full head of gray hair like Ciara at the Met Gala. If you aren’t sure if you are ready to take such a drastic step with your real hair then weave should be your new best friend. So many brands have all the popular hair colors available in all different extension types and hair textures. Don’t be afraid to play with color this spring to make your hair blossom into a new look.


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We often use this time of year to rid our lives and homes of anything that is just sitting around, not really adding to our overall lives. So why not do the same thing with your hairstyle. As I previously explained it is easy to fall into a hair rut, just rocking the same look because it’s convenient isn’t the way. Spring 2016 is all about the switch up. Think of how many celebs you’ve seen rocking shorter hair. It’s your time girl, and with all these haircuts you are sure to find the right look for you.

Last year the Bob and Lob( long bob) took over every salon and dominated the red carpet. This year we are still loving the Bob haircut but we are finding ways to refresh the look. A lot of women are getting texture put into their hair with shag and fringe like haircuts. This assures that your bob doesn’t just fall flat and into a blunt cut like it did in the past. Now we are playing with the volume and giving an undone sexy bed head look a lot like what we often see on Serena Williams. For this style the Amika Undone Texture spray and a good wand curling iron are essential.

Some of you may be saying, girl, my hair just started growing past my shoulders. And trust me I know you aren’t going to cut off all that progress, but you still may be looking for something different for spring. Then the mid length hair cut is right up your alley. It’s a play on the Lob, but a little more length for women who aren’t quite ready to chop off their hair. Think: Kelly Rowland and Kerry Washington, they both have been seen rocking this look with their hair falling just past the collar bone.

Last but not least for haircuts we have bangs, yes they are back. But this time, we aren’t talking about that blunt bang going straight across your forehead. The fringe bang as seen on Zendaya is the new wave and it is becoming widely popular for the spring as it adds a fun flirty touch to your everyday look. You may have also noticed the natural hair girls have done a little clip to their curls in order to rock them like this. Channel your inner Tracee Ellis Ross and have the bang falling right around the brow line to create this new look. Bangs have always been a way for women to change up their style and this spring it’s your turn. Lucky for you, there are lots of hair companies who sell clip-on bangs, so you can try this look out before you make that permanent switch.


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At this point, I wouldn’t even consider natural hair a trend, it’s a lifestyle change. Women are taking steps to fall in love with their natural curl pattern and I couldn’t be happier. I too have put my relaxer down (for now) and I’m exploring all the possibilities my natural hair has to offer. The jersey girl in me has always loved big hair, and I am so thrilled to see everyone else is joining the party. This Spring, Big Hair Don’t Care is the motto. Adding short layers to your hair will make more of a round shape which will create volume and trust me when I say it can truly transform your look.

I can not tell you how many times my natural friends and clients come to me saying they are tired of their hair and it has no shape, but they don’t want to cut it *insert Shai Jackson straight face here*. I explain to them that being natural doesn’t mean you can’t go see a professional. The right stylist can help shape your hair into something even Solange would admire. So this spring head to a trusted hairstylist who specializes in cutting curly/ natural hair(dry cutting) so they can help you get the volume your hair deserves.


Honestly, WE know that braids have been a staple in our hair repertoire for years, but OTHERS are just discovering how this amazing style can revamp your look. Spring 2016 is just another point in time where this go-to look will flourish. Now more than ever women aren’t just waiting for a vacation or a fun event to toss some cornrows in their hair. It’s like an everyday hairstyle now, and as someone who is always looking for styles that will prevent me from having to mess with this hair daily, I am here for it. So go out on a limb and try a braided style you may not usually wear like a braided crown or some cornrows with a cute design like Keyshia Cole and. Your spring will definitely pop with this versatile look.

I hope that this trend report will help you stray away from your ordinary look and try something new for the Spring. Please show me your spring hairstyles by tagging @HelloBeautiful and @AliciaFajardoHair on Instagram.

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