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I give you ladies and gentlemen, Mychael Massie!! He’s a black conservative who feels very strongly that  because of black violence in the states and over seas we don’t deserve to celebrate our past ancestors and the work they’ve put in for our equal rights.

Via Raw Story

“Public school children will be immersed in a 28-day vat of a factually flawed and at times fictional history of how bad the blacks had it in America, and they will hear that whites are privileged and their ancestors had slaves, blah-blah-blah,” wrote Massie, chairman of the Project 21 National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives and member of the National Center for Public Policy Research.  He doesn’t bother to cite any of these alleged historical falsehoods, but Massie recites a litany of crimes against white people by black people – most of whom have been prosecuted.

“They won’t be talking about the fact that blacks aren’t shot on sight in areas where ‘Knockout’ is taking place,” wrote Massie, referring to an urban crime phenomenon promoted by some conservative media outlets to stoke racial fears.

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Where do they find these fools at!!!?