The community came together this weekend in an effort to stop all of the gun violence in the city.   Via Fox19 The event was held in the parking lot of the Family Dollar on Reading Road, the same location where a 16-year-old boy was shot to death in a drive-by last month. Galevon Beauchamp was crossing […]

The Community hit the streets in Avondale in order to curve this violence. Via Fox19   On Tuesday, Cincinnati police officials announced that they are launching “targeted operations” in Avondale after the recent spike in shootings. However, community advocates say that this is more than just a policing issue and they also plan to target […]

Cincinnati city council will meet today to condemn the violence at the Us Capitol. Via Fox19 Councilmembers Jan-Michele Kearney and Wendell Young called for the special meeting. It will be 11 a.m. at City Hall. “The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and take action on a resolution condemning the violence that occurred in […]

Cincinnati: Leaders Ask For Resources To Help Stop Gun Violence

A West End woman has spoken out about the violence in her community. She said all of the violence and shootings have forced her to move. Via Fox19 Many have had enough, including a woman who says the shootings have forced her to move from her West End apartment. Mable Whatley says she’s living in […]

Community leaders got together in Avondale to discuss ways on how we can stop all of this violence in the city. Cincinnati I want to know your thoughts on this? What do you think the reason is for the up tick in violence in our city? Via Fox19 Terrance Jones attended — and he’s no […]

Big ups to Rihanna who is always making a difference in the community… She has teamed up with the Ceo of Twitter Jack Dorsey to doante 4.2 Million Dollars to help fight against domestic violence. via TMZ: The singer’s Clara Lionel Foundation and the Twitter CEO announced Thursday they’re sending a $4.2 million grant to the […]

Cincinnati is marching to keep the peace in the streets. Via: (WKRC) “Enough!” That’s the message as about 100 people came together on the Martin Luther King Jr. bridge to march against violence Sunday afternoon. “I want my grandkids to grow up in a society where they can go where they want without having to […]

This violence must stop in Cincinnati. Too many of our young peopled are being killed. This time a 15-year-old teen does not get to see his future. Because his life was cut short. Via: (WKRC) Violence erupted once again in Avondale on Sunday, claiming the life of a 15-year-old. Police say Kesean Banks was pronounced […]

Cincinnati we really have to stop this violence. The 12th Cincinnati homicide is the last 3 weeks. The incident happened on I-75. Via: (WKRC) Even after detectives had it shut down Monday night for three hours, they still have relatively little to go on. With every echo of a church bell, the Covington neighborhood shutters […]

An argument escalated to a tragedy in one Chicago community on Sunday. In the Burnside neighborhood on the South Side, Donald Johnson, 22, was arguing with his 43-year-old father over who would walk the dog that morning. Eventually, the intensity increased and both family members shot each other at about 8:20 a.m., according to Chicago police […]


A Chicago teen has been arrested in connection with the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl that was streamed on Facebook Live.