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Al Roker is in a bad mood and he can’t hide it.

He got into a feud with the Mayor of New York over a “Snow Day,”

His angry Tweet to Mayor De Blasio criticized him for keeping the schools open during the city’s Nor’easter that resulted in dangerous road conditions and all that comes with a foot of snow falling in NYC.

De Blasio defended his move to keep the schools open and the media blew the whole thing out of proportion.

For the past few years, he’s had blow ups with co-host Matt Lauer and even J. Anthony Brown!

A couple of days ago he said Conan O’Brien isn’t  on a real network.  Now TBS is mad at him.

He’s tired I tell you, and he could use a nap.  But there’s more to it.

Let’s roll this whole thing back some.

Al Roker, who is a dad, was not in the United States when the whole  “snow day” thing unfolded.

He was on assignment covering the Olympics (not the weather) in Sochi, Russia.   Every parent knows how it is to be far away from home and to see or hear about something potentially disastrous is in the works.  It’s terrifying.    He was 5,000 miles away.  He was probably sitting in his crappy hotel room thinking about his wife Deborah Roberts. Instead of helping to get the kids to school, he and Matt Lauer were up to all kinds of shenanigans in the snow.

I don’t think Al Roker wants to play in the snow with Matt Lauer.

But let’s roll it back further, back to 2008 when Al Roker stepped away from his job as NBC’s weatherman and into about 50 other jobs.

He became host of Celebrity Family Feud on NBC, he launched a reality series on Spike TV and he had a show on the Food Network.

I think because Al  got bored with the weather NBC started using him in all kinds of capacities at the network.   That was fine for a while,  and now that’s getting old too. But since NBC pays him a whole lot of money, he has to keep doing things he doesn’t want to do.

He told us years ago he gets up early, fixes breakfast for Deborah and the kids, works out, does the Today Show and gets back home in late afternoon in time to start dinner.

He’s an author of a mystery novel, as well a book about weight loss where he himself revealed an embarrassing bathroom moment he had at the White House that clearly overshadowed anything else was trying get across.

Last year he even got a prostate exam live on the air! I don’t even want to think about how he and NBC can top that.

I’m just a D.J. but it’s been clear to me for a while that Al Roker is just trying to do too much!

He isn’t the only one either.  Check out my list of other people who have way too much going on.

1.    Mary Jane (Gabriel Union’s BET character) I like the show and if you’re a woman and your man is watching “Being Mary Jane” with you, it’s for the same reason I’m watching it, to see her get naked or as close to it as they can get on BET.    BUT, there are too many plots.  Mary Jane’s love life, her co-worker’s child custody issues, her crack head brother’s relapses, her other drug dealing brother’s bad choices, and her parents’ (Shaft’s and Shug Avery’s) drama  ( I know it’s Richard Roundtree and Margaret Avery, but I’m shallow).

2.    Apple.  The iPhone and iPad are fine devices.  Enough.

3.    Taco Bell. They’re doing breakfast now.  The waffle taco?  No.

4.    Lays Potato Chips . Plain or barbecue?  Remember those days? Now there’s Tomato Basil, Maui Onion, Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt, Dill Pickle, Chicken and Waffles, more than 50 in all.  Really?  This was not Mr. Lay’s vision.

5.    Shonda Rhimes.   I love Scandal.  But I cant’ keep up.   My biggest nightmare is that  “Being Mary Jane” creator Mara Brock Akil and Shonda Rhimes  get together and create a new drama or worse, Mary Jane becomes friends with Olivia Pope.

6.    NASA.  715 new planets.   Why?  My heart goes out to “C” students like me. Memorizing 9 was hard enough.

7.    Roland Martin.  He’s on our show three times a week, he has his own show on TV One,  he sells ascots, he’s a husband, Uncle Ro Ro to his four nieces and an excessive talker and Tweeter.  Sometimes he’s Tweeting about a TV show he’s watching, getting into Twitter arguments, posting his favorite music playlist and you know he’s talking, all at the same time.

My point is all of us are guilty of putting too much on our plates at some point, and in most cases it only results in more stress, guilt, and fear that we can’t keep up.  Branching out is okay, but not if it makes you cranky or causes you to lose sight of your original goal.

Will  Al Roker take my advice or will he make his life even more complicated by  submitting a script to “Scandal?”  If his next feud is with Shonda Rhimes, we’ll know the answer.

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