A Kentucky woman literally spilled her guts when cops tried to handcuff her on charges of dodging arrest on an outstanding warrant — by spewing her poop all over an officer. Amanda Peters was charged with assault after she resisted arrest by locking herself in a bathroom, then wriggled out of her pants to “intentionally released […]

As Bobbi Kristina continues to battle for her life, her family has gathered to say their goodbyes to the 21-year-old. Just four days after being found unconscious in her tub, doctors have informed members of the family that nothing more can be done. The very grim circumstances have made this entire ordeal an extremely painful one to come to grips with, […]

Man this is a really sad story. After being found unresponsive in a bathub and revived, Bobbi Kristina is said to be brain dead in a comma. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

CNN – A group representing police in St. Louis says it’s infuriated after five St. Louis Rams players raised their hands Sunday in solidarity with protesters upset at Michael Brown’s death. FOR FULL STORY CLICK HERE

I have just one word for all of this.. COMEDY!!! Pure comedy lol. First They talked about him, then he talked about them, now they’re firing back at him with Tamar respong with, “u are NOT my MAN or my DADDY so you got me completely F**KED up!…(like your reputation).” But we all know Chris […]

A Ferguson, MI officer was shot over the weekend. Police are saying this is in no-way tied to the protests of the shooting death of Mike Brown. FOR ALL THE UPDATES AND FULL STORY CLICK HERE