Dennis Rodman: Plans To Head To Russia To Release Brittney Griner

Master P opens up about his 9 kids and says that each one has to work hard for what they have… He does not believe that his kids got a head start because he’s wealthy.   “You can’t blame their life because I started to do right. I don’t want to hear that head start […]

Congrats to the UC Bearcats Football team head coach Luke Fickell on winning the Dodd Trophy for coach of the year. Via Fox19 The trophy is touted as the sport’s most coveted coaching award. It goes out annually to the most successful head football coach who also embodies traits of scholarship, leadership, and integrity. Officials announced […]

A driver said to police he was shot in the head on 74 due to a road rage incident. Via Fox19 Officers say they do not have a suspect. They are looking for a dark-colored Dodge or Chevy with grey racing stripes on the hood.  

According to Dr. Dre soon to be Ex-wife Nicole Young. Dr. Dre allegedly put a gun to her head. See what else she had to say below.   Via LoveBScott The filing came just “days before” Dr. Dre was rushed to the hospital. ‘Andre held a gun to my head on two occasions, on January […]

The Secret service is looking pretty questionable these days, well since the first black president was VOTED into office.  Secret Service director Julia Pierson resigns after numerous security issues. FOR  THE FULL STORY CLICK HERE!!!

Lol man o man people just have no since of boundaries in 2014. ESPN reporter Josina Anderson recently did a piece on how Michael Sam, the out-the-closet rookie recently drafted by the Rams, and in it did a pretty distasteful report on his showering habits and how some of his teammates feel about it. When […]

The city of Ferguson, MO. is still in an uproar after the murder of Mike Brown. Officials recently released the name of the shooting officer as six yer vet Darren Wilson. FOR MORE LIVE UPDATES CLICK HERE

Like the officer says in the video, I find it so hard to wrap my mind around any scenario where I’d want to intentionally walk up to a child, point a gun in their direction, and pull the trigger. It’s just down right heartless and evil. I hope this fool gets thrown in prison for […]

If you think we’re getting the wost of it up here in the north take a look down south. They’ve been hit hard in the past couple weeks with the extreme cold and snow flurries. WLWT is Reporting A winter storm has knocked out power to more than 500,000 homes and businesses  in several Southeastern […]