David Blaine is a street Magician known for some very unusual stunts and antics. He recently took the word “Gross” to another level though and thoroughly disgusted Rapper Drake and Comedian Dave Chapelle. Watch the Video and hopefully you have not had lunch yet!

Is he smart or is he just digging a deeper grave for himself..? After Donald Sterling chose to visit a predominately African American church in South L.A. this Sunday, sitting through the entire 2 hour long service, while managing to piss of a couple of regulars….. You’re guess is as good as mine. I guess […]

Adam Silver is our new hero!! Since Sterling’s side chick outted him over the weekend by-way of recorded telephone conversation, where he spewed blatant racist comments towards blacks, hispanics, and “minorities” in general,  the nation has been waiting patiently for the NBA’s judgement. Well people all I have to say is justice has been served! […]

Former L.A. Laker “The Magic Man” Magic Johnson popped up in New York City to sit down with the Breakfast Club to talk about a plethora of this and that. Check out the below video!