Michelle Obama Launching Podcast Michelle Obama’s book tour is becoming a podcast. Audible announced last week that the former first lady will launch the “Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast” on March 7. The podcast will be based on Obama’s tour for the bestselling book, which featured special guests like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Tyler Perry, […]

Michelle Obama has a new kid’s cooking show coming to Netflix and it’s called Waffles + Mochi.   via CNN: Obama will be a star and an executive producer of “Waffles + Mochi,” which will be available for streaming starting March 16. Geared toward a younger audience, it will feature two puppets, aptly named Waffles and […]

Michelle Obama opens up about dealing with “low-grade depression” — partly brought on by Trump’s mess.   via TMZ: The former First Lady dropped a new episode of her podcast on Spotify Wednesday, and while discussing mental health with former NPR anchor Michele Norris — said she’s got the blues “not just because of the quarantine but because […]

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The former First Lady has been natural for years, but it's rare (and important) to see her curls unpressed in all their God-given glory.


First Lady Michelle Obama elicits some strong reactions on social media when she rocks her natural hair.


Former First Lady Michelle Obama made a special appearance on Thursday night’s episode of FOX’s MasterChef Junior.

Former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama visited New York City Friday, grabbing lunch with U2 frontman Bono.

Former first lady Michelle Obama surprised students at a Washington, D.C. high school, talking with them about their dreams, education, the current political climate and more subjects.

Penguin Random House reportedly paid over $65 million to acquire the publishing rights, but declined to comment on the actual amount.   Former President Barack Obama is making good on two goals he set after leaving the White House on January 20. One was to go on vacation with Michelle, while the other was to […]


Michelle Obama's facial expressions on Donald Trump's Inauguration Day were those of a Black woman who’d had enough trying to pretend the corroded lemons in front of her could be turned into lemonade.

President Obama relaunched his web site, BarackObama.com, and he and the former First Lady are set to work together as private citizens.