A Ferguson, MI officer was shot over the weekend. Police are saying this is in no-way tied to the protests of the shooting death of Mike Brown. FOR ALL THE UPDATES AND FULL STORY CLICK HERE 

A T-shirt company by the name pf FCKH8.com grabbed a couple of kids from the same neighborhood as Mike Brown to answer the question, “Does racism still exist?”

John Stewart is probably one of the realest and most fair news castors around. The base of his show is national and world news with a comedy news twist. Watch the below videos as he rips Fox News a new one over their Mike Brown Ferguson, Missouri coverage. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOS

Could it be that race wasn’t a factor in Mike Brown’s death? That’s what Dr. Ben Carson seems to believes. “If you take race out of the issue altogether,” he explained, “and you take a group of young men and you raise them with no respect for authority, not learning to take on personal responsibility, […]

Today is back to school for many students here in Cincinnati and around the country, but instead of sending their child to school, Michael Brown’s family gather today to lay his body to rest. Since the senseless murder there has been unrest in the city of Ferguson, Missouri. As a sign of respect, Mike Brown […]

The city of Ferguson, MO. is still in an uproar after the murder of Mike Brown. Officials recently released the name of the shooting officer as six yer vet Darren Wilson. FOR MORE LIVE UPDATES CLICK HERE

The Ferguson, MO. police department has finally identified the shooting officer in the death of Mike Brown, as six year vet Darren Wilson. For More On This Story VISIT HERE!!!

LeBron James going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers could undo 4 years of wrong doing all in one move. I think moving back home would be the best decision of young James’ career. I might even consider being a fan again… Click Here For The Full Story At ESPN.com

Can anybody see the irony here? The irony in the fact that a comedian who’s known notoriously for  roasting his audience, can’t take a couple jokes thrown in his direction..? When Lavar Walker got wind that Mike Epps was in attendance at his show in ATL, he decided to poke fun at the Mike Epps […]

All I’m going to say is hit play on the below video… It’s all there lol… an “Until You sell out Arena’s, keep my name out of your mouth” Even though it’s pretty entertaining and everyone loves a good beef, especially been 2 comedians maybe these to African American comedians/ actors should be more focused on […]

It’s about that time!! Super Bowl XLVIII is in sight everybody and their mama are placing their bets on who they think will take their trophy. Check out Mike Epps on ESPN First-Take putting on his analyst hat and telling us who he thinks will win it all this SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!