OJ Simpson channels Maury Povich and says he is not the father of Khole. Check out the video and what he had to say below. (LBS) The “If I Did It” author called reports about the alleged tryst “bogus, bad, tasteless” in a video on his new Twitter account. “Never, and I want to stress never, in any […]

O.J. Simpson is concerned for Bill Cosby‘s safety in prison. The football legend, who served nine years behind bars, tells TMZ that “the problem is the nature of the crime. Rapists are frowned upon in prison.” He adds that “I’m sure there will be guys protecting him but they’re gonna have to put him in protective custody … because it […]

An attorney who worked on O.J. Simpson‘s defense team during his double murder trial says she watched Simpson’s hypothetical retelling of how the murder occurred and doesn’t believe it was necessarily a confession. Simpson appeared to confess to the murders in an interview which aired on Fox Sunday night, but he kept repeating that his story is […]

Simpson, who has been in prison since 2008, is slated to go before a parole board this summer.   Former NFL player O.J. Simpson has been behind bars in Nevada for nine years following an incident where he allegedly attempted to reclaim some of his mementos from a Las Vegas hotel room in 2008. According […]

Believe it or not, several famous folks have been accused of killing other people.  Many were involved in tragic accidents that resulted in deaths, while others committed cold-blooded murder.

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NewsOne Now panelist Lauren Victoria Burke took on the analysis of America's fascination with O.J. when she said, "This is the first in American history to get away with killing two White people and walk away -- it has never happened before."

Los Angeles police are investigating details about a knife that was reportedly recovered at O.J. Simpson’s mansion. The Los Angeles Times reports that detectives learned of the knife’s existence, recently, and are now investigating where it came from. In 1994, Simpson was accused of killing her wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman at his […]

  If you haven’t seen “The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story” on FX you haven’t seen anything. I’m obsessed. All the characters are…

For the past two weeks, we’ve been tuning into American Crime Story to watch The People v. O.J. Simpson and we must say, FX has not disappointed on any account. In the retelling of one of the most bizarre criminal trials to ever go down on American soil, we get a peek into who the […]