Commuting in New York is so stressful that it makes people want to forget the train altogether and find alternative means of traveling. One woman was apparently not in the mood to wait around so she hopped onto the tracks at a Brooklyn subway station and began walking toward Manhattan until police apprehended her moments […]

Another day, another hate crime. A woman has been taken into custody after allegedly stabbing a transgender black man in his face on Sunday night after he offered her his seat on the subway. The woman reportedly made racial remarks like “I don’t want to sit next to black people” before the attack that left […]

Despite currently serving a 16-year prison sentence, former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle is trying to downplay his sex crimes against children.

Former Subway Spokesperson And Convicted Pedophile Jared Fogle Got Served With An Old School Butt Whoopin Back In January. The Attacker Steven Nigg Had A Problem With Child Molesters And Let Jared Know It! Reports Are That In Addition To His Problems With Inmates, Jared Is Also Gaining His Weight Back That He Was So […]

Guilty Of Possession & Distribution Of Child Porn And Traveling Across State Lines For Sex With A Minor. CLICK HERE for story.

Jared Audio Tapes Reveal Disgusting Thoughts Of This Child Molester Click Here For Story and Audio

  Longtime Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle has officially agreed to plead guilty to child molestation charges after admitting that he paid for sexual favors from 14 minors and also received child porn from the director of his charity.  Fogle also admitted that he knew these videos were being produced. Jared has agreed to pay each […]

Former Spokesperson For Subway Will Plead Guilty To Charges Of Child Pornography. CLICK HERE for story.

Slap on NYC Subway Goes Viral. CLICK HERE to see video.

I know God is busy but He seems to be answering many of our Fast Food prayers lately. If you’re a big fan of breakfast,…

02/07/14- Not Subway, George Zimmerman, or Sybil Wilkes is the “Bama of the Week.” Find out why NOT after you listen.