Tom Joyner Morning Show

  12/9/16- Comedian Roy Wood Jr. is taking a spin in the funny show this chilly Friday! Find out why he says fighting crazy with crazy is the only way to stop Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Listen above!

  12/8/16- Kym Whitley joins the TJMS crew on Sherri Shepherd Thursday! Find out why only the fake hair sisters are sticking together and Sybil is on the outs.

  11/29/16- Find out which city had the most violence over the weekend and hear which funny man is joining Sybil Wilkes and Tom today on the TJMS.  

  11/28/16- Recovering from the holiday sales? Find out what happened during Sybil’s unfortunate Black Friday experience, plus Tom and Damon William weigh in on their experiences. Listen above.

  11/16/16- Tom and J. Anthony Brown are drumming up an idea of a side piece talk show in light of Sybil’s recent appearance on a sports show. Would you watch? The guys seem to think you would. Listen to the funny above!    

  11/16/16- The Trump effect continues with more and more hate spread across the country. Also find out which NFL player just may lose his endorsement deals over an alleged sex tape.    

  11/14/16- Happy Monday! The TJMS crew is weighing in on a post-Donald Trump country and the continued negative effects of his new responsibility. Find out why rich a** people don’t want to hear anything positive about number 45. Listen above.

  11/8/16- Have you heard Jenifer Lewis’ voting PSA? You have got to hear the TJMS crew introduce it to the world!  

  11/7/16- It’s time for Church Mess Monday! Click the link above to hear how a Pastor’s wife became pregnant mysteriously. The TJMS crew has a list of people that might have contributed.

  11/4/16- It’s Man Dance Friday! Click the link above to find out if Damon Williams’ prediction about Donald Trump will come true this weekend and listen to the TJMS crew talk all things Chicago Cubs baseball! What are you doing to celebrate the Cubbies win? Weigh in below.

  11/3/16- What happens after a Chicago Cubs historic World Series win? Tom dumps Kym Whitley and Sybil and Sherri Shepherd call him out on it! Listen to the funny above!

  11/2/16- Happy Wednesday! Sybil and Damon are on a Cubs high and Tom is surprisingly off the bandwagon of the Indians. Listen to his reasoning and find out why another Donald Trump scandal may be on its way!