A Muslim-American teen from New Jersey was accepted into Stanford University for writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 times in response to an essay question. Lil Wayne is strange. He likes to call himself a martian and he just might have to be from Mars for his latest headline grabbing interview quote to be true. “What is it? What do you mean?” That was Weezy’s response to the question “What’s your thoughts on Black Lives Matter?” Apparently the guy […]

Douglas Muir, an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia, faces scrutiny after posting a disparaging message on Facebook aimed at Black Lives Matter.

Heads will roll! Finally someone has revealed the truth. The newly revealed findings in the wrongful death suit involving the late Sandra Bland are mind blowing. Click here to get the full story. “Numerous depositions have been taken in the case involving dozens of hours of testimony. It is a gross miscarriage of justice and […]

The charges sound foolish, but do they sound familiar? Ramsey Orta was also arrested after filming Eric Garner's death.

Over the course of the last week, NewsOne was forced to revisit our gallery that lists the shooting deaths of Black men killed during police encounters, to add the names of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, while also documenting the two-year anniversary of Eric Garner's death.

D.L. pointed out an FBI report from 2006 involving white supremacist groups during his interview with the popular Fox News Channel host.   Comedian D.L. Hughley slammed Fox News in the midst of an interview with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday regarding the fatal shooting of Philando Castile. “The only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox […]

During the remainder of the week, services are scheduled to honor the life of the woman family and friends lovingly called "Sandy."

Is the former President an asset or a liability to his wife’s campaign?   A day after Former President Bill Clinton took on Black Lives Matter supporters in the most disappointing and condescending way, he apologized for trying it, well sort of. According to CNN, On Friday, Clinton, who is apparently still allowed to stump […]

  The summer of 2014 was the summer of unrest. Even those of us who were in the trenches in Ferguson covering the protests, marches…

A grand jury’s decision to indict DeKalb County officer Robert Olsen for  the murder of Air Force veteran Anthony Hill was met with much triumph. Hill was naked…

Roland Martin talks to Dante Barry of Million Hoodies about the #BlackLivesMatter protester who was attacked at Donald Trump’s rally in Birmingham, AL. “It’s ironic…