While at a Nike basketball camp he was asked what motivates him, and after rambling about going as far as possible and the immense amount of support he has from his family, the champ finally answers the question honestly.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder player was present for the press conference where he announced he was taking his talents to the Golden State Warriors, but in such a controlled environment all of the tough questions were easily avoided.

Now that the dust has settled and the criticism has just begun, new details are beginning to emerge on Kevin Durant's move to the Golden State Warriors.

What a day it has been for Kevin Durant. For starters, he decided to sign a 2-year $54 Million contract with the Golden State Warriors. https://twitter.com/ESPNSteinLine/status/749991847473229824?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Next came the criticism for joining a team that he fought so hard against in the Western Conference finals this year. Much of the uproar is that he’ll be […]

(RNN) – NBA superstar and free agent Kevin Durant announced Monday he will be leaving Oklahoma City and joining the Golden State Warriors. The 27-year-old made the announcement on The Players’ Tribune, a media company he owns a stake in. “The primary mandate I had for myself in making this decision was to have it […]

If the Cleveland Cavaliers thought they were going to make it tough for the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA’s final matchup of the season, they’ll need to think much harder. Yesterday’s game was a big wake-up call in Game 2 of their series as the Warriors blew out the Cavaliers by 33 points […]

Draymond Green let’s a reporter have it! During a postgame press conference a thirsty reporter came at Green attempting to get a controversial statement regarding the Houston floods and the team’s performance. He’s already been warned and thought he’d try one last time to get a response. Well, the Golden State Warriors, Power Forward laid […]

1.Golden State Warriors In a showcase of basketball excellence not seen since the glory days of the Chicago Bulls or L.A. Lakers in the 90’s,…