Brandy Rusher from season four of America’s Next Top Model has been one of several people shot at an apartment complex in Houston on Sunday. TMZ reports the former finalist of the modeling reality show is currently in critical condition.  Sources say the gunmen drove up to the apartment complex and then opened fire using a high-powered […]

Beyoncé caught wind of a terminally ill fan amongst her BeyHive and granted the teen's dying wish.

The past few years have been so unorthodox that even churches are becoming apart of huge Hollwood-like scandals. Salem Missionary Baptist Church  has been in Houston for more than 80 years, and now the temple has some drama that they’re not leaving to God to handle. According to reports, members of the 100 people congregation […]

HOUSTON (RNN) – A man who opened fire at drivers near a shopping center Monday was killed in a confrontation with responding officers, the police chief said. Police Chief Martha Montalvo said nine people were injured in the attack. Six were hospitalized with gunshot wounds, including one in critical condition and another in serious condition, and three […]

Meet Irvin Randle, the Houston Texas native that went viral and didn’t even know what viral was lol! Randle has been a trending topic as #mrstealyourgrandpa because he has caught the attention of women across the world reminding us that age aint nothing but a number! According to his facebook page, Randle is 54 years […]

According to the account of several witnesses, the upset involved Jhonni Blaze.

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Jonathan Tureau was down on his luck after being robbed outside of his apartment in Houston, Texas. The thieves drove off with not only his…

As Bobbi Kristina continues to battle for her life, her family has gathered to say their goodbyes to the 21-year-old. Just four days after being found unconscious in her tub, doctors have informed members of the family that nothing more can be done. The very grim circumstances have made this entire ordeal an extremely painful one to come to grips with, […]

Man this is a really sad story. After being found unresponsive in a bathub and revived, Bobbi Kristina is said to be brain dead in a comma. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

In a far too close resemblance to her mother’s timely passing, Bobbi Kristina was found “unresponsive” in a bathtub earlier today. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

  Brad Terrence Jordan is better known as Scarface to his fans. The Houston native welcomed the Tom Joyner Morning Show to his beloved city…