Like the officer says in the video, I find it so hard to wrap my mind around any scenario where I’d want to intentionally walk up to a child, point a gun in their direction, and pull the trigger. It’s just down right heartless and evil. I hope this fool gets thrown in prison for […]

SMH I don’t know what has gotten into these millinials but they are BOLD to say the least.. Allegedly, while being chased by an officer for playing an illegal dice game the teen turned around and let off 2 shots,  neither of which hit their mark thank god. As of now the teen is being […]

CINCINNATI –  A man charged with killing his 11-year-old daughter was given a $500,000 bond at his arraignment Monday morning. Officers received a call of a shooting at 800 Delhi Avenue around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. Once on the scene, first responders found Shanti Lanza shot in the chest. Doctors pronounced her dead a short […]