H.E.R gives her experience of working with Obamas on the new Netflix series “We The People” She said it was a Life changing experience. via: Uproxx R&B singer HER has been experiencing a huge breakout over the past year after a slow-burning rise that included the EPs HER and I Used To Know HER and a […]

  Grammy Award Winning Artist HER has never produced a Debut Album but announced this weekend that she is hard at work on the debut titled “Back Of My Mind” The artist is one of todays most talented artist earning Grammy for song of the year with “I Can’t Breathe” even singing the National Anthem […]

If you want to catch a vibe Queen, its 5 ladies you should have in your playlist. Summer Walker Kehlani Ari Lenox  Jhene Aiko H.E.R. Thank me later. I’ve been catching great vibes lately, thought I’d share these vibes with you. Ms. Ebony J Wynn “The Host That Does The Most” Check me out  Sunday 11-3pm, […]