Covington Catholic, the all-male Kentucky high school in the middle of the controversy with the Indigenous Peoples March, has more trouble on its hands. An old video went viral on Monday that showed some students wearing black paint on their faces and bodies and seemingly harassing an African-American player from another team at a basketball […]

An online school in Ohio made a big splash with its annual toy drive this holiday season by donating more than 9,000 toys to a children’s hospital. Students and instructors working with Ohio Virtual Academy donated the toys — and rallied friends and family members to do the same — ended up more than tripling […]

  Drake hired additional security to protect his home in the same gated community where Kanye West lives. There are two around-the-clock body guards standing at the edge of his drive. They parked an SUV with tinted windows inside the driveway gate to prevent anyone slamming a car onto Drake’s property. Drake refused to take chances in case […]

If you are like me, you always collect the plastic bags after you leave the grocery store. Well, Ohio is taking a stand when it comes to these plastic bags. The Ohio House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday, banning taxes and fees on plastic bags. The bill prohibits local governments from imposing taxes and […]

He’s been gone for more than two decades, but fans could be getting new music from the late Tupac Shakur soon. The Blast reports that ‘Pac’s estate settled a lawsuit with Death Row Records related to unpaid royalties. Now that things are settled, the estate expects to receive a whopping amount of unreleased music, potentially enough for two […]

The death toll has topped 800 and is expected to rise in Indonesia after a powerful earthquake spawned a tsunami on an island in the central part of the country. The magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Friday night and immediately raised fears of a tsunami. Moments later, it happened. A tsunami as high as 20 feet […]

We’re learning more about a third woman expected to make accusations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The mystery woman is represented by Michael Avenatti, the same attorney repping Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claimed to have sexual relations with Donald Trump. Avenatti started making noise about this woman on Sunday and on Monday he […]

 Hurricane watches have been posted for the coasts of North and South Carolina. Warnings will likely be posted tomorrow (Wednesday). As Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall on Thursday, state and local officials in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia have called for the evacuation of approximately 1.5 million people. On Monday, Florence was […]

Donald Trump continued to receive negative pushback Monday from members of his own party following his private summit and public joint press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said, “Everyone who’s dealt with Putin understands fully that the best way to deal with him is […]

Lil Kim is apparently a slow learner. She’s in trouble with the IRS — again. The feds have filed a tax lien for $212,000 over her earnings on the Bad Boy Reunion Tour in 2016. The lien was filed in Bergen County, New Jersey, which suggests that the IRS is holding the deed on Kim’s home in the […]

This is a movement loooong over due. With father’s day just passing it’a the perfect time to rewrite the rules for custody battles that put women at the top as the “more-fit” parent more times then not. A man can raise a child just as good as any woman, minus the breast feeding. “Guys are […]

When President Obama said he didn’t think weed was more harmful than alcohol he might as well have signed a new bill right there making it legal across the nation. There will always be 2 sides to the chronic debate. One side thinks it makes you slow and useless to society, while the opposing side believes it has […]