There’s a petition to stop Will and Jada Pinkett Smith from getting interviewed. The people are tired of them. They have received 12,000 signatures already. via Complex: The “Stop interviewing Will and Jada Smith!” page was created by user Dexter Morales on Nov. 26. By midday Thursday, 11,209 people had signed, more than doubling the initial goal […]

Cincinnati get ready there is a new alcohol law that takes effect on Monday. Via FOX19 House Bill 674 allows for deliveries of distilled spirits and liquor on any day, including Sundays and holidays, as long as the alcohol is in its original container. The person who receives the delivery must be able to prove […]

An Ohio man ended up cooling his heels in the joint — after he handed a joint to a cop who’d pulled him over for speeding. The man, whose name was not released, was clocked at 41 miles per hour in a 25 zone, leading the deputy to flag him down. When he rolled down […]