Fairfield, Ohio: Deadly Shooting At The Walmart

Police are investigating shots fired at a local Walmart in Colerain. It all went down at the Walmart on Colerain Avenue near the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway shortly after 11 p.m. Other communities also had reports of houses being shot up in incidents that police believe are related, according to police spokesman Jim Love. […]

Kanye West is not playing when it comes to his Yeezy shoes…   via: New York Post The billionaire rapper’s complaint, filed Thursday in California court in Los Angeles, claims the giant discounter has been selling fake versions of his bizarre-looking Foam Runner slides. Introduced last year at a retail price of $75, the genuine Yeezy […]

It’s hard to go into Walmart and just get what you came for and leave, sometimes it seems like a 15 minute trip turns to a 45 minute adventure. Well according to sources at blackenterprise.com, in the Charlotte, NC area an entrepreneur found a way to keep some of the customers inside Walmart and looking […]

The widow of Bronx rapper Big Pun is suing Walmart over a clothing and merchandise line that bears the late rapper’s image. Liza Rios claims the retail giant ripped off the trademark which she gained ownership of after Pun’s death in 2000. The trademark, which resembles Nike’s iconic Michael Jordanlogo, shows an image of Big Pun soaring through the air […]

The man later called that same Walmart location to cancel his follow-up appointment.  Supervisors had already assigned employees to watch out for him in case he had returned.   A woman who posted a Facebook video of a man telling a Texas Walmart worker to “go to your own countries” is demanding the retailer do more […]

On Friday evening, Ashley Jordan and her husband, Michael, were shopping with their 1-year-old baby daughter, Kinseigh, at the store while their other two children Cayleigh, 5, and Aubreigh, 3, stayed at home with a sitter. Ashley and Michael piled their groceries for the next two weeks and new clothes for the girls into two carts. […]

It seems everyone has their way of trying to play the system, especially if a nice check could be involved.


Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer will step down after five years.

Timothy Black, a resident of West Virginia, has been arrested after allegedly squirting semen from a syringe on women in a Marietta Ohio Walmart.  On several occasions different women reported a “creepy” man following them around the store and suddenly feeling a sticky substance on various parts of their bodies.  When reported police noticed a […]


Vladimir Putin has decided that he won’t expel any U.S. diplomats in response to President Obama’s sanctions on Russian diplomats and intelligence agencies.

These Walmart Shoppers Must Have Been NICE , Not Naughty For Santa To Do This!   CLICK HERE for story.