50 cent got trolled by his ex-girlfriend  Chelsea Handler. Via LoveBScott 50 Cent is the troll of all trolls, but he may have met his match in ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler. Earlier, Chelsea responded to 50’s support of Donald Trump and said he’s now her “least favorite” ex-boyfriend. 50 tried to respond with some jokes, but […]

Well, good try Reds nice way to make it to the playoffs, even though we fell a little short. Via Fox19 After losing 5-0 to the Braves in game two of the NL Wild Card series. The Reds didn’t score a single run in 22 innings over two games against the Braves – the longest […]

A family is still looking for answers after a mother was killed in Avondale a year ago today. Via Fox19 Shauna Gardner, 36, was sitting inside her apartment on Prospect Place around 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 10, 2019, when a bullet shot through her window, hitting and killing her. To this day, police don’t know […]

A 17 year old teen was chocked up by a deputy in Florida. The deputy has now been placed on leave.   via TMZ The teenager, Terrance Devon Reed III, was taken to the hospital after the violent altercation with Sarasota County Deputy Neil Pizzo last week. The surveillance footage shows Reed sitting on a bench with his arms […]

Michelle Obama opens up about dealing with “low-grade depression” — partly brought on by Trump’s mess.   via TMZ: The former First Lady dropped a new episode of her podcast on Spotify Wednesday, and while discussing mental health with former NPR anchor Michele Norris — said she’s got the blues “not just because of the quarantine but because […]

If you are a delivery driver and you are in the Clifton area please be careful while your delivering your packages or food and do  not leave your keys in your car running. The delivers cars are coming up missing.   Via Fox19 CPD said they are investigating at least 32 reports of car thefts […]

There have been rumors that Tiffany Haddish and Common are dating… Well, it looks like the rumors might be true. Via LoveBScott Confirming the dating rumors and that they are quarantining together, the comedienne appeared during her boyfriend’s video call with Cedric The Entertainer. Tiffany could end up pregnant during this quarantine. The Grammy Award-winning […]

Cincinnati let us pray for this second Fire Fighter who has been affected bwith the Coronavirus. VIa Fox19 The first confirmed case in the department came Saturday. Alter says both individuals are doing well and are recovering. He adds they could return to duty “within the next week or so.” The firehouses where the individuals […]

Here is a list of Covid19 cases broken down by Zip Codes in Cincinnati. Via Fox19 City Health Commissioner Melba Moore provided the breakdown in a press briefing Monday, during which Mayor Cranley also announced a furlough affecting 1,700 city workers. There are 37 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Cincinnati, the latest a 33-year-old man who tested […]

Singer Keri Hilson thinks that the Coronavirus was started by 5G technology and is one big money-making scheme backed by Bill Gates. What are your thoughts do you think she has some truth to this? Or is she just overreacting? She took to her twitter to share her opinion! Via LoveBScott People have been trying […]

A daycare worker took it upon herself to write in marker on a baby’s stomach to the mother to bring more diapers to school. I cannot believe that the daycare worker would do a thing like this. It is totally unacceptable. What The Fasho! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PIC   

Please be careful at people knocking at your door looking for donations. Via FOX19 A woman in Mt. Adams is reportedly going around saying she’s a UC student and asking for donations. The problem? She might not be a UC student after all. It happened around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday in Mt. Adams, that a […]