Revenge is a dish best served completely engulfed in flames. This is common knowledge. But the hardest part about enacting flaming revenge on those who’ve wronged you is keeping that anger in check, lest you skip important details in the revenge process like MAKE SURE YOU’RE SETTING THE RIGHT CAR ON FIRE. A Florida woman […]

Na’cole Benton appeared in Court this morning and is being held on $20,000 Bond. No further information yet on why she lied about her baby being inside stolen car. CLICK HERE for more.

16 & 14 yrs Old, Cause of Crash Under Investigation. CLICK HERE for story.

Los Angeles County prosecutors announced Wednesday that they will not file charges against Caitlyn Jenner for her role in a fatal car crash on the…

Highlights: Maintenance is included for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Over a three year period the Mini is slated to have the highest residuals in…

Driver Was Traveling 80mph in a 35mph Zone When They Killed A Young Withrow Student. CLICK HERE for story.

Finally some justice. Earlier today Michael Dunn was found guilty in the shooting death of Jordan Davis. He will be serving LIFE in prison. FOR MORE ON THE TRIAL AND THE FULL STORY CLICK HERE

It’s always so tragic when a child dies, especially when the reason is parental neglect. A Florida father is being investigated after police believe he left his 9-month old baby girl in the car for several hours while he went to work. For More On this Story Click here. 

As Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition, but making a recovery, new dirt is being dug up by the second on the truck driver at fauklt for the crash, Kevin Roper. All it took was a little back tracking for media outlets to find old tweets from Roper saying things like “Trying to win […]

Via Channel 9 WCPO With alot of cold weather on the way we’re here to help you keep your car starting and pipes from busting. For instance Wrap all pipes in unheated areas: Pipes in unheated areas such as the crawl space under the house, attic, garage and unheated basement should be wrapped to prevent […]