More drama is coming Stevie J’s Way. This time he was kicked off a flight on his way to the ATL. via: The YBF Stevie J – or his doppelganger – got caught up in some drama at the airport recently for allegedly boarding with alcohol, which we all know is a NO-NO. Watch video of […]

A woman on a flight from Miami to Atlanta slapped flight attendant across the face after she was told to wear her mask. via Fox: Another passenger on the plane filmed the incident, which was then uploaded to social media. The altercation occurred on a Delta flight on Monday, Yahoo News reports. A reporter for the BBC, Suzanna […]

What would you do if Cam Newton Offered you 1,500 to switch him seats on a flight? You would probally take the offer right! Well, not this gentleman on a flight that Cam was on. Check out the video!!!   FASHO THOUGHTS: Would you have switched seats? 1,500 is a lot of cash to swtich […]

If you’re running late to the airport and worried about missing your flight, calling in a bomb threat to the airline is just about the worst thing you could do. Dana Carter of Dayton, Ohio was afraid he would miss his United Airlines flight from Cincinnati to Dallas last fall, so he called the airline to […]

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First Army Lt. Dina Elosiebo has become the first African-American female pilot for the D.C. National Guard. She earned her wings last month after completing…