Cincinnati: Man Shot In Inside His House In Avondale

Tamar Braxton is opening-up about someone breaking into her house. Tamar said on an IG post that she knew who the person was. via: People On Wednesday, the 44-year-old singer shared in an Instagram post that the intruder “went through my drawers, broke my mirrors [and] turned my bed upside down” the night prior and said […]

A Suv crashed into a house in Avondale and the driver took off running. Apparently, the driver took the license plates off and fled the scene. All I can say is wow and What The Fasho! Via Fox19 It happened in the 3700 block of Alaska Avenue at about 2:40 a.m. Tuesday. There was no […]

A driver in North College Hill was arrested for nearly crashing his car into a house in North College Hill. Via Fox19 The driver was heading westbound on North Bend Road near Cary Avenue when police say he told them his “brakes went out.” He said his axel broke when the vehicle struck the curb. […]

A Cincinnati veteran was gifted a new house. This is such a blessing to do this for someone who puts his life on the line for our country. Via Fox19 A national non-profit called Homes For Our Troops, based out of Massachusetts, is responsible for the custom home in Loveland that will soon be gifted to […]

Janet Jackson wants you to stay in the house. She took to her Twitter to let you know why. Via LoveBScott Janet Jackson is sharing one good reason for us ALL to do our part to make this pandemic end faster. “Can y’all just stay inside?,” Janet tweeted with a smiley face emoji on Thursday, “I got sh*t […]

Young Jeezy and Jeannie Mai are at Jeezy’s house quarantining together. Via LoveBScott  While some people are already hit with boredom in their self-isolation, the fashionista and her rapper beau are keeping their positive attitude. “[Jeezy and I] looked at each other at this time of the quarantine like, ‘Yup, if we can do this, […]

A car crashed into a house in East Walnut Hills… This is one of the reasons I would not want to live by close to a street! Right now it’s still under investigation. Via FOX19 Two people were hospitalized after a stolen vehicle they were in crashed into an East Walnut Hills home early Tuesday, […]

This is just sad, what is going on in Texas? A woman was shot in her own house by Texas Police officer. via Complex: According to the New York Times, the shooting occurred at around 2:30 a.m. when law enforcement responded to an “open structure” report. The Fort Worth Police Department said soon after officers began searching the perimeter, they […]

Thank you, Lord, for helping this family get out of this house fire safe. I’ve been in a house fire before and it’s nothing to play about. VIA: (WKRC) Six people escaped from a house fire in Colerain Township early Friday. The fire started a little after 2 a.m. at a house on Crest Road […]

Major League Baseball player Josh Harrison just ended his career this season with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He and his wife decided to move their family back to his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a big change in their lives – and a big move. But instead of packing all their belongings in boxes and moving those boxes […]

Cardi B is in the running for daughter of the year after buying her mom a two-story house with a built-in gym and fireplace. Bardi told her Instagram followers that she really wanted to buy her mom a house last year, but could only afford something in the $600,000 range. Considering how expensive real estate in […]