An image of a white toddler clutching a black baby doll has gone viral, along with the story behind it. Brandi Benner had told her two-year-old daughter that she could pick out a new toy as a reward for potty training, and when they went to Target to do so, the little girl picked out […]

  A local mother from the Columbus suburb of Reynoldsburg has been charged with felony abduction after taping her two year old son the wall and broadcasting her actions on Facebook live. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! 18-year old Shayla Rudolph broadcasted a video of her son that lasted almost twenty minutes showing her son crying and […]

This horrific video out of China demonstrates the danger of Phone Distraction. We have become a society that depends on Cell Phones for almost every aspect of our life. Constantly peering into our screens, clicking, swiping and posting. This distracting behavior is responsible for many vehicle accidents and as can be seen in this video, […]