Cincinnati: Police Release Body Cam Video From Teens Selling Water

Black only and White Only Signs were posted on water fountains at Colerain High School. School officials confirm the signs were posted May 5. A letter to parents from Colerain High School Principal Erin Davis is included in full at the end of this story. “These water fountains were labeled ‘blacks only,’ ‘whites only,’ which […]

If you were trying to pay your water bill and couldn’t… The reason is that the system is down. The outage affects customers’ ability to pay their water and sewer bills. Payments can’t be taken over the phone or through GCWW’s customer portal, nor can payments mailed in or dropped off be processed into the […]

There were concerns about drinking water in Norwood. But it looks like ever this is ok. Via (WKRC) According to the Ohio EPA. The concern came after the EPA found a lot of problems with the city’s water tanks. Chief among them were holes in the roof and corrosion. The EPA noted the city had […]

Police are investigating after they say two 15-year-old girls gave another teenage student a drink mixed with urine and toilet water at Penncrest High School. This has to be one of the nastiest things known to man. Pennsylvania State Police say they were notified of the incident by the victim four days later. The victim […]

I know students at St. Mary’s School in Hyde Park were happy today. Their school was closed due to the water fountain breaking and flooding the floors in the school.  

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s newest executive orders target a water-protection rule and elevate an initiative on historically black colleges and universities into the White House. Trump signed the executive orders in back-to-back signing ceremonies at the White House on Tuesday. The first seeks to undo the Waters of the United States rule, an Obama administration […]

He urged residents Wednesday to use the free water filters and run water for 5 minutes a day to flush contaminants. In an effort to assuage fears and instill hope, President Barack Obama on Wednesday visited the beleaguered city of Flint, Michigan amid a towering crisis involving lead in the city’s water supply. He also toured a […]

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Summer has officially graced us with her long-awaited presence, a season that means longer days of fun at amusement parks, days at the beach, and swimming pools for…

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