Chris Brown: Said He Would Love To Work With Beyonce

The Reds have announced that firework Friday’s is coming back this year. I know baseball fans will be excited. Via FOX19 Fireworks Fridays will take place at each Friday home game May-September. The fireworks displays will begin around 15 minutes after the conclusion of each game. Any guests seated in the outfield sections 101-106, 140-146, 401-406, […]

Serena Williams is opening up about her relationship with her Husband. She shay Marriage is work.   via People: “Marriage is not bliss,” she admitted with a laugh when asked what was the most surprising thing she learned about marriage. “But it can be if you work at it.” She also added during the video that […]

Roger Goodell and  the NFL will donate $250 Million dollars towards systemic Racism and is willing to work with Colin Kaepernick.   via TMZ: The money will go toward charities and organizations designed to “combat systemic racism and support the battle against injustices faced by African Americans.” The NFL report also says the league would be […]

What’s going on with people and these Chicken Sandwiches? A Popeyes worker was fired for bringing his child to help cook the chicken sandwich. via Complex: According to The Root, an employee at the fast food chain located in Colony, Texas was fired after a video surfaced showing his son lending a helping hand to the […]

Work crews have begun to fix the landslides on Columbia Parkway.   Via: (WKRC) Work begins to fix landslides on Columbia Parkway. On Monday, a $17-million stabilization project kicked off between Bains Street and Torrence Parkway. The work along there will be done in several phases. Testing will be done on the hillside to determine […]

Usually in business, the customer is always right — unless he happens to be very, very wrong and starts throwing chicken wings at people. 19-year-old Noah Ellis of Ohio was unhappy with the food he’d ordered from a pizza shop and drove back to demand a refund. He said he didn’t like the taste, but employees noted that he’d […]

The Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland published its Friday edition as usual just hours after five of its staffers were killed in a targeted shooting. Shortly after the shooting, reporter Chase Cook defiantly announced, “We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow.” The front page remembers all five victims of the shooting and identified them as reporters Gerald […]

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