As a parent, nothing brings me more joy than taking pictures of my daughter. I literally have hundreds of pictures/videos of all her most precious…

Dewight Howard is now under criminal investigation for child abuse in Cobb County, GA. FOR THE FULL STORY CLICK HERE

Stepdad Chases Down Suspect And Retrieves Child. CLICK HERE for story.

Man oh man these domestic violence/ child abuse cases just keep becoming crazier and crazier. Now Rihanna is lashing out at CBS for pulling her song at the season opener featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. To See What Rihanna Tweeted to CBS Click Here

Protect and serve they say…? I’m thinking the police might need to adopt a new slogan after a Dallas, TX officer just completely ignored and disregarded a woman’s cries for help as her boyfriend and father of her child chased her down, shot at, and eventually kidnapped her son. TO READ THE FULL STORY CLICK […]

Stevie J dodged another bullet in his recent trial for back child support and dirty drug tests.   TMZ Reports “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Stevie J has clearly been scared straight by a judge … because he just proved he’s been drug free for 7 weeks — which means he won’t be thrown […]

Here’s one of those rare happy endings that we so seldom get to hear about. 2 Felony charges against Shanesha Taylor were recently dropped after support for her and her defense grew. Shanesha was charged with 2 felonies after leaving her children in the car for 45 minutes while she attended an interview. She wa found […]

What goes thru the minds of some of these fellows is waaaay beyond me. It’s being reported that Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles is the father of yet ANOTHER child, by yet ANOTHER women pictured below…. TMZ Is Reporting… Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles, has been sued by a second woman who claims he fathered her kid … […]

This is a movement loooong over due. With father’s day just passing it’a the perfect time to rewrite the rules for custody battles that put women at the top as the “more-fit” parent more times then not. A man can raise a child just as good as any woman, minus the breast feeding. “Guys are […]

In another episode of It’s cheaper to keep her…. Love & Hip-Hop ATL’s Stevie J was recently escorted from his ATL home by 3 boys in BLACK for nothing other than owing $1 Million in back child support. Yes you read it right, 1 million, six zeros. Check out the below video I don’t think […]

In another episode of, “It’s Cheaper To Keep Her”, Evelyn Lozada might have to put in for a second job  to help her new fiance and baby’s daddy pay off the first chick he knocked up. Where’s the TROJAN MAAAAAN when you need him smdh lol….. READ FULL TORY HERE