Beyonce Has Made Country Music History Beyonce has made country music history. The singer has become the first Black woman to hit number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Her song “Texas Hold Em” moved to number one, knocking off the 20-week reign of Zach Bryan and Kacey Musgraves’ “I Remember Everything.” A report […]

Terrence Howard Says He Only Made $12K From ‘Hustle & Flow’ Terrence Howard was nominated for many industry awards for Hustle & Flow, including an Oscar for Best Actor. Apparently, Howard didn’t make much money on the picture. Terrence Howard spoke about his entertainment career with WREG’s Alex Coleman on Live at 9 last week. […]

Congrats to Ahmad Gardner he has made UC Bearcats history. Ahamd is the highest NFL draft pick in UC History. The New York Jets drafted Gardner fourth overall in the 2022 NFL Draft, making him the highest-ever drafted player out of the University of Cincinnati. Late Bearcats Hall of Fame quarterback Greg Cook was drafted […]

A man was shot in Colerain Township Showed up at UC Hospital and is said to be in critical condition. Police determined the shooting occurred at the corner of Pippin and Galbraith roads, according to police spokesman Jim Love. The victim underwent surgery early Thursday. (Fox19) The Police are still investigating the situation. Our prayers […]

Kanye West says he made 2.2 Million dollars off of Stem Player even though Donda 2 hasn’t been released yet. Here’s what Kanye Had to say: The album was supposed to drop today (2/22/2022), however, it didn’t. As reported on Revolt, Kanye claims he made $2.2 million from stem players, even without the album. In […]

Adele made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live Via LoveBScott The iconic singer proved she has some comedy chops underneath those incredible pipes, though she’s somewhat lacking in her ability to hold it together. It also appears her particular weakness might just be Kate McKinnon, who admittedly can make something funny with just a […]

Well, good try Reds nice way to make it to the playoffs, even though we fell a little short. Via Fox19 After losing 5-0 to the Braves in game two of the NL Wild Card series. The Reds didn’t score a single run in 22 innings over two games against the Braves – the longest […]

Eminem shocked everybody last night at the Oscars… Did you see the look on people’s faces? The unexpected performance was certainly full of life and energy, but social media immediately lost themselves trying to figure out why he was there. Why couldn’t he have just waited two more years so it could be the 20th […]

The Fairfield city received an alleged threat from a student yesterday police said. The student who allegedly made the threat won’t be allowed on campus and there will be an increased police presence. (WKRC) The following is the text of the call: The district was made aware of an alleged threat against our freshman school […]

  A young man’s dream came true in Cincinnati, he got to meet the Giants  Eli Manning at yesterdays Bengals Preseason game. VIA: (WKRC) Eli Manning was part of a special moment at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati Thursday night that had nothing to do with his play on the field during the Giants 25-23 […]

According to a surprising new survey, most of the cities with the best nightlife aren’t on the East Coast or the West Coast. Instead, they’re in the Midwest. The survey analyzed how many bars, clubs, and nightclubs are each city – and found that states like Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin are booming. Here’s a rundown […]

Congrats to Hamilton county on making history Swearing in the first time African-American on the Hamilton County Commission. Her name is Stephanie Summerow Dumas took the oath of office Tuesday, ushering in a new era. Watch the video below to see her response! (WLWT)