With all of the restaurants shutting down delivery drivers are looking to gain big. Via Fox19 Understandably, people now temporarily unemployed are turning to delivery companies for the job, but there is a wait. Ethan Bastian says he’s been a DoorDash delivery driver for almost a year. He recently graduated from college and is hunting […]

A suspect who shot two people at an Oklahoma City restaurant Thursday evening, was shot and killed by “a bystander with a pistol” as he walked outside, police tweeted. The two people who were injured were transported to a local hospital with “serious injuries” but are expected to recover. The incident occurred at Louie’s Grill […]

Brian Studdard was told he would be arrested again if he was trespassing in the restaurant’s area. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Over the weekend, a man was asked to leave a restaurant after refusing to remove his t-shirt, that supported breast cancer awareness. Brian Studdard was asked to leave Niki’s West restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama […]

For years, fans of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain have been begging and pleading to get one built in New York City.

An African-American waitress received an inspiring note from three White male customers during inauguration weekend in Washington, D.C. The message included the words "not race, not gender, just American."

A Virginia waitress is the latest American to experience serious racial prejudice.

Rapper T.I. is learning that the restaurant business just might be tougher than the music business. The rap mogul has been hit with a lawsuit by former employees of his new downtown restaurant Scales 925. According to, twelve employees claim the restaurant refused to give them their final paychecks and they were not paid […]

LOS ANGELES- A 23-year-old man decided to eat Chipotle for the 40 days of Lent. Now, 153 days later, he’s still going. Andrew Hawryluk, an…

Designer, decorator, restaurateur, model and television personality Barbara “B.” Smith is saying good bye to the East Coast. The mogul is reportedly closing shop on yet…