It looks like your Duke energy bill will go up in June. Via Fox19 The increased monthly rate is due to rising fuel prices that were set during a wholesale auction in February. “This is something that we do not have control over,” Duke Energy Spokesperson Casey Kroger explained in April. “Duke Energy does not […]

If you were trying to pay your water bill and couldn’t… The reason is that the system is down. The outage affects customers’ ability to pay their water and sewer bills. Payments can’t be taken over the phone or through GCWW’s customer portal, nor can payments mailed in or dropped off be processed into the […]

The Ohio Governor has signed a bill that will allow people to carry a gun without a permit. The governor signed Senate Bill 215 on Monday, around two weeks after the Ohio House Republicans passed it. Ohio is now the 23rd state to allow permitless concealed carry. Gun owners can still apply for a permit if they […]

A Bill that would allow Ohioans To Carry A Gun Is On It’s way to the Governors Desk Via Fox19 Ohio House Republicans passed SB 215 on Wednesday, more than two months after the Ohio Senate approved it back in December. If DeWine signs the legislation into law, Ohio will become the 22nd state to allow permitless […]

The Ohio senate passes a new concealed carry bill that will make it easier to carry a gun without a license. Via Fox19 Senate Bill 215 passed by a 23-8 vote. (Summary) SB215 was introduced by Sen. Terry Johnson (R-Batavia) and 13 co-sponsors in August. The bill makes concealed carry licenses optional—thereby removing background checks and […]

Here are some Fasho ways to prevent your heating bill from going up in all of this cold weather. Via Fox19   You should set your water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees to help reduce your monthly water heating bills. Try opening cabinets and turning your faucet to drip to avoid frozen pipes. It’s also […]

Cincinnati did you know that there are ways to save on your energy bill in 2021? Via Fox19 The obvious ones include sealing drafty areas around windows and doors. Another place to start is to check out your furnace. “Look to make sure that it is not dirty and it is free of debris. To […]

Gov. Mike DeWine stand your ground into law. Via Fox19 The bill eliminates a “duty to retreat” before using force in self-defense in certain locations statewide. House Republicans added the “stand your ground” language into a last-minute floor amendment to Senate Bill 175 in mid December. The bill grants civil immunity to churches and other nonprofits where […]

A new bill was introduced in Ohio to overturn the state’s alcohol curfew, which currently bans sales past 10 p.m. and consumption past 11 p.m. at Ohio restaurants and bars. I think it’s about time to extend the time because a lot of these bars are losing money due to this time restriction. Via FOX19  […]

Cincinnati Get ready Ohio could receive a new law that would allow police to make traffic stops for using your cell phone.  The bill has not yet been assigned to a House committee, where it would be eligible for public hearings. Via FOX19 An Ohio lawmaker introduced legislation this week that would allow police to […]

Ohio lawmakers are making a change. The Ohio House on Wednesday passed the “Student Religious Liberties Act.” Under the law, students can’t be penalized if their work is scientifically wrong as long as the reasoning is because of their religious beliefs. (WKRC)

There’s a new bill presented to lift  Fireworks ban in Ohio. Via (WKRC) The latest attempt to lift a fireworks ban in Ohio would allow most commercial-grade explosives in the state starting in 2020. Bills currently in the Ohio House and Senate have not received votes, so this wouldn’t take effect any time soon. Previous […]